Creative Expressions by Aarti

Creative Expressions by Aarti is a journey – a mindful journey of artistic creations through poetry, dance, art and visual performance. A well-integrated movement towards mindful healing; a multi-disciplinary and participatory approach to sustainable innovations in the realm of the creative arts.

Aarti is deeply grateful to her family, friends, and all well-wishers who have consistently appreciated and supported her art, her creative work. Aarti extends sincere thanks to all the artists, musicians and creative individuals who have collaborated with her over the years; she is thankful for their professional trust and integrity. Aarti continues to have Faith in the power of positive, mindful and meaningful artistic collaborations.

Aarti is inspired by Life; by Love; by all the seemingly little things that make us human. She is inspired by the Natural World; and all her imperfections that make her humble.

Aarti knows that she is Perfectly Imperfect.

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